Eye Specialists of North Colorado


At Eye Specialists of North Colorado, we offer a wide array of clinical services,
ranging from simple eye examinations for vision correction to sophisticated
diagnostics, treatment and surgical procedures for virtually any eye condition
to meet our patients' diverse eye care needs.

Our physicians are able to draw upon resources in terms of current knowledge
and modern technologies. Our dedicated technicians and staff work closely
with our physicians to ensure out patients receive the best possible eye care.
Our office has state-of-the-art equipment to
aid in the evaluation and management of many
eye diseases.

Surgical Procedures: Including, but not
limited, to:

Blepharoplasty - removal of excess eyelid skin
Cornea Transplants
Strabismus - Lazy Eye

Services: Including, but not limited, to:

Comprehensive Eye Exams
Diabetic Retinal Evaluations
Glaucoma Management/Treatment
Macular Degeneration Management/Treatment
Cataract Evaluation
Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye)
Dry Eye
Common Eye Conditions -
Blepharitis, Chalazion, Trichiasis (Ingrown Eyelashes)

We have an in office surgery suite for minor
eyelid procedures, including, but not limited to:

Removal of growths on the eyelids
Skin Tag

Eye Specialists of North Colorado provides
advanced, comprehensive and effective
surgical treatments for an extensive array of
visual problems and conditions. Dr. Carter
and Dr. Weeks use advanced diagnostic and
therapeutic instrumentation to provide the
finest care for our patients. We have two
surgical coordinators available to answer all
your questions. Please contact Candace or
Debbie at 970-352-1877 or by email at